Aircraft Specialties Services has been in business for 35 years. TIO-540-A,J,F,N,S $55,500. Engine Overhauls: Maintenance: Aircraft Rental & Flight Training: About Us: Facilities : Airport Information: Engine Overhauls: Over the past 30 years Sam Jewell has acquired a reputation for performing the best in major overhauls in the Midwest! Some of it may even come from sources you trust: leading aviation magazines, overhaul shops, even … While the engine is remarkably reliable, given the total engine time alone, we’ve been discussing how best to approach the inevitable overhaul. Committed to customer service we offer the best warranty in the industry. Remanufacture or Overhaul Textron Lycoming Series: O-235 O-290 O-320 IO-320 LO-360 HIO-360 HO-360 LIO-360 O-360 LHIO-360 IO-360 AIO-360 TO-360 TIO-360 AEIO-360 O-540 IO-540 TIO-540 AEIO-540 TIO-541 IO-720. O-320-H $25,850. We have overhauled and serviced engines for over 23 years and go the extra mile to keep our customers up in the air. These shops are dedicated to the CFM56 engines' family. The staff at Penn Yan Aero has unparalleled product knowledge, experience, and the resources to provide you with the best possible solutions. IO-540-B,E,G $37,950. IO-540-C,D*,N,R,T $38,500. In both cases, your life depends on it! “These aircraft owners were just taking a stab in the dark.” So he came up with, a website that addresses all those shortcomings. Piston engine services we offer: Sapphire™ premium rebuild (factory-new quality with comprehensive warranty package & new OEM parts) Custom overhauls (designed to suit any budget) Lease and/or exchange engines . Aircraft Engine Overhaul Shops; Images. We strive to be the industry standard and cary the brands pilots and aviation enthusiasts have to come expect from a … O-235 Series $21,450. When it comes to piston powerplants, there's an astonishing amount of misinformation making the rounds. Testimonials. Read what Kirby Chambliss, world class Red Bull Air Racer and Aerobatic Pilot, has to say about Unlimited Aero Engines. We overhaul and repair Continental, Lycoming, Pratt & Whitney and Rotax piston engines. In the world of aircraft ownership, that s a beautiful thing. This is general hyperbole and not indicative of the quality and workmanship of the best overhaul possible. Tulsa, OK, USA. Standard Overhaul. CLICK HERE. Recently one of my clients asked me to perform an aircraft engine overhaul on the engine in his Cessna 182. TIO-540-C $45,650. There s nothing quite like fetching your bird from the shop after a high-quality engine overhaul. Can anyone offer advice or a place to ship the engine for a better deal? We supply new and used aircraft parts to aircraft owners, mechanics, FBO’s and engine shops through our retail outlets. Aircraft Engine Overhaul & Repair facility We hold Powerplant, Accessory and Non-destructive testing (NDT) ratings. Done right, it should perform like it did when the aircraft came off the factory floor. When it’s time to overhaul an engine, choosing a high-quality facility to do the job is important. O-540 Series $30,800. Aircraft Mro Maintenance Repair Overhaul. Engine Management 101 gives pilot/owners proven tips and insights into how to get more performance, reliability and value out of their piston aircraft engine. The engine was beyond the recommended time period for overhaul both in hours and calendar time. Loma Air b.v.b.a. Maine Instrument Flight, Augusta State Airport, ME KAGS. O-360 Series $22,500. After reaching out to 75 piston-engine overhaul shops in the United States, he narrowed his list down to 15 that now encompass his “A list” shops. Notes: *Data for Table 2 from FlightGlobal 2017 Commercial Engines Report **Represents the balance of other smaller aircraft engine suppliers. Engine overhauls are extremely expensive. The majority of failures occurred in IO540 engines running at excessive HP ratings. Gann Aviation offers a multitude of engine repair and upgrade services. In essence, those who support top overhauls believe … I've replaced a couple cylinders already and am pretty overwhelmed and beat up from spending money on this engine (welcome to airplane ownership, I know). Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul. Aircraft Overhaul Disciples Of Flight. Our experts also develop and apply more than 200 new repair processes a year, including updating of the shop maintenance manual. Mobile Aircraft Maintenance & Repair. Air Power Inc. is the number one Direct Wholesale Distributor for Factory Aircraft engines including Lycoming and Continental Motors aircraft engines. O-540-J $39,900. Engine Shop. BeLogistics | Best WordPress theme for logicstick companies Aircraft Engine Repair & Overhaul - G&N Aircraft With over 200 years of combined experience,our teams of master engine builders work together to minimize downtime without sacrificing quality. Triad Aviation - Leading the way in aircraft maintenance and repair . Safran Aircraft Engines deploys an integrated network of maintenance shops, with locations in Europe, North and Central America, Africa and Asia. Aerotec has been supplying engines for our flight school, charter operation and customers for a few years.

best aircraft engine overhaul shops

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