Clearly I need to go buy more…NOW! Strain, and toss lightly with olive oil … I’m currently stuck with the 5 leaves for $5 basil deal – I feel you basil-inflicted pain! First, season the chicken breasts with the seasoning salt, and grill until cooked through. Butter both sides of two slices of bread. I'm Lindsay: former 4th grade teacher, now full time blogger. single. Look no further because it doesn’t get much easier than grilled cheese and this is grilled cheese done right. ★☆ Ingredients. Place half of cheese on top of one slice of bread. Obviously you don’t have to use fresh bread as I listed in the recipe, but I figure if you are going to fill a sandwich with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil then you may as well keep a good thing going. This caprese grilled cheese looks really good. 1/4 red onion , sliced thinly. Enjoy! I had a moment of weakness recently. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Love it (: I gazed longingly at the photos, wept great tears of foodie joy at the sight of the melting butter and – at the mention of oozing, molten mozzarella and pesto – I may have lost consciousness for a brief moment in time. Lay cheese and tomato slices on un-oiled side of 4 pieces of bread. This recipe makes me love summer time even more! Lindsay used the Walnut Pesto in this recipe: If using a skillet, flip when golden brown … Heat a large griddle or skillet over medium heat. Juicy chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil and a homemade balsamic reduction. I used to be a teacher, and now making food and writing about it online is my full-time job. Tuna Salad Sandwich. You may also like. Cook … How to Make a Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. These sandwiches are an epic summer cheat. Takes 10 minutes or less and requires just 5 simple ingredients! Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper if desired. Perfection! 2 slices fresh bread (I recommend sourdough or rustic white bread) Search a collection of 8,000-plus easy recipes and discover what's trending and popular now. Traditional insalata caprese contains only raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sweet basil, extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of good sea salt. Find gluten-free, heart-healthy, vegetarian, vegan, Instant Pot, slow cooker, sheet pan, seafood recipes, and more. Keywords: caprese grilled cheese, grilled cheese, Tag @pinchofyum on Instagram and hashtag it #pinchofyum. Or if you're simply looking for a healthy chicken dinner, you'll find that, too. Grilled Chicken Caprese. Evenly distribute the shredded mozzarella cheese in mounds over top. This looks out of this world delicious. I repeat: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Tag @pinchofyum on Instagram so we can find you! Caprese Grilled Cheese: Butter two slices of bread with Garlic Butter. I’m eating loaded caprese grilled cheese sandwiches hot off the grill aka skillet. Also, this one is THICK. You’re just eating to put food in your body. This looks like the best Fall food out there! Above all else, please just gaze upon the knob of butter that gets melted in at the end and the velvety finish that results. Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips - 9.75oz. No more stove ’til the temps go down for me;), This. Sweet basil, juicy tomatoes, and fresh melted mozzarella are sandwiched between two perfectly crisped slices of thick buttered bread making this a truly gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. Brush the outsides of each slice of bread with olive oil, then brush the other side with pesto. Oh my word this looks incredible!! This Grilled Chicken Caprese is the perfect summer meal. This Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich combines the elegant flavors of a caprese salad with the classic technique of a grilled cheese to make for a delectable lunch you’ll want to enjoy everyday. A food blog with simple, tasty, and (mostly) healthy recipes. There is nothing I love more on a not too hot not too cold spring day than a grilled cheese sandwich. Okay, but DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW GOOD THIS IS. This Caprese Grilled Cheese is loaded with basil pesto, a thick and chunky garlic butter tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella cheese, all on grilled sourdough bread. Top with mozzarella, cooked chicken, tomato slices, basil, and more mozzarella, then top with another slice of buttered bread. The sandwich will not be greasy, It does not taste of mayo. Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich 5 from 1 vote If you're looking for a quick and easy, fresh, summer lunch, then look no further, because this Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe is perfect! Not just for grilled cheese, but for EVERYTHING! I’ve made variations of that garlic butter tomato sauce before, but this time the addition of balsamic is kicking it up a notch. It is borderline tomato jam, except not sweet, annnnd not really like jam. You are definitely on the same food wave length as me. Next, layer with fresh grated mozzarella, garden sliced tomatoes, and top with a little more cheese. Great. It was a Saturday. Would totally make this in an Organic version for summer! I picked this up from Paula Dean: Cooking is my passion so please follow along and share what I create! Rather than getting out a full stick of butter, you can just use the little half-size guys and use the first few pats of butter in your tomato sauce, and the second few pats of butter for frying up your sandwich. Fun product alert: we are using Land O Lakes® Salted Butter in Half Sticks (cuuuute) for this recipe and they are the bees knees. I love grown up grilled cheese, it’s my all time favorite comfort food and back pocket recipe. For the pesto, I used the Walnut Pesto from this recipe. Top … Spoon the cooked cherry tomatoes onto the mozzarella. A good run is when you legit *wow* yourself at every meal. ★☆ You guys know what I mean, right? Your recipes never disappoint and this one looks like a total winner! Instead of oil or butter, lightly spread mayonaise on outside of bread when grilling the sandwich. Transfer to a cutting board toasted-side-up. This Caprese Grilled Cheese is filled with fresh basil, creamy mozzarella cheese, and juicy tomatoes. . This recipe makes two whopper sandwiches. Cook the sandwiches 4 to 6 inches above the coals, pressing down with a spatula and flipping a few times until the cheese is melted and the bread is crisped, 10 to 15 minutes. A little thing about me: I ♡ FOOD. Like now. Cook noodles according to package directions. -Michaila Delicious and simple! I am just loving food lately – all kinds of food. This is totally better than something I’d be ordering at Panera at a fraction of the cost but the taste has gotta be close! It is grilled cheese after all. Thank you to Land O’Lakes® for sponsoring this post! As a food blogger, I’ve got to get better at keeping up with obscure food holidays. Read our disclosure policy. Sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil leaves offer the perfect combination for a flavorful and delicious grilled cheese sandwich. I can’t wait to make this recipes! Turn skillet on medium heat and allow both slices of bread to toast. Except that’s a lie; I’m not eating regular grilled cheese sandwiches. (I recommend sourdough or rustic white bread). Did you know that April is national grilled cheese month? Place butter side down on a skillet. This grilled caprese sandwich is one of my … It’s the opposite of a rut, in my mind: a rut is when you are bored with what you’re eating. I need this in my life. Here you’ll find a collection of delicious recipes that your family will love, all tested and approved by me, Jaclyn, creator of this food blog. I feel like this comment might be very unpopular since summer is wonderful etc…. I’ve been obsessed with pesto, and that has extended to grilled cheese all summer but this tomatoes sauce concoction: next level! I love talking with people about food, and I'm so glad you're here. Was looking really hard for the pesto note – where are you?? That sounds good, you think. Can’t wait to try! That is one wicked grilled cheese!! sure, we have all seen the caprese sandwich, but good heavens we haven’t seen THAT <3 YUM . Gently tear the basil … This sandwich has the honor of being the last meal we make in our apartment before moving into our first house. Heat until they start to get just slightly charred on the … These are so good. Gonna try this soon! Thanks for the inspiration! Cheese and tomato should cover entire slice of bread in a single layer. Grilled caprese sandwich stuffed with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil pesto! Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Now add the remaining slice of bread, butter side up! Place into heated skillet or griddle. Can’t wait to make your recipes in my new kitchen! Looks. This post may contain affiliate links. ‼‼‼. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You know it’s SUMMER-summer when they finally start stocking the huge containers of basil in the grocery store – the ones that come straight from a local grower or farmer instead of this five-basil-leaves-for-$5 nonsense that we Midwesterners struggle with through the fall, winter, and spring. Such a delicious sweetness to the cooked tomatoes. It’s grilled cheese … , (P.s. That sounds amazing. One of my favorite grown-up grilled cheese recipes is sharp cheddar on rye bread with pesto and tomato slices. but i’m a little excited for fall weather and fall food. Could not be more slick. Spread one slice of bread with half the pesto. Learn more. Caprese Grilled Cheese from Cooking Classy […]. ★☆ Brush pesto on both sides of the bread, then add mozzarella cheese and tomato slices. I literally turned to Jesse yesterday and said “I need a good grilled cheese in my life asap”. Pour the tomatoes into a dry nonstick skillet. I made your chipotle corn chowder last night and while it was delicious, my house was MISERABLY hot afterwards. Did you make a recipe? Layer Mozzarella rounds in an even layer over one slice of bread followed by an even layer of sliced tomatoes. ★☆. Place 4 slices bread on work surface. Omg–these sandwiches look amazing! You know those times you just get on a good run? A key component to this cheese bomb masterpiece is the garlic butter tomato sauce, which comes together in about fifteen minutes and really deserves its own post. OMG. Can NOT wait to try this recipe next time I visit home. Rate this recipe This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This sandwich! As a Wisconsin girl, I can’t get enough! Garlic butter tomato sauce???? I am avoiding turning on all cooking implements indoors right now. Strong Women Intimidate Tee. Favorite things include my camera, lake days, and dark chocolate. This sounds fabulous! Fresh tomatoes, spicy garlic, creamy butter, and perky green basil. you just never cease to amaze me with your recreation and next level approach to the common foodie dishes. That is a whole other level. Is this helping? ★☆ Caprese Sandwich Recipe Easy Sandwich Recipes Panini Recipes Caprese Panini Grilled Sandwich Ideas Grill Sandwich Pesto Sandwich Grill Cheese Sandwich Recipes Vegetarian Sandwiches. Healthy food, homemade desserts, fair food, campfire spin-offs, and regular old grilled cheese sandwiches. Serve immediately. It will change your life! Caprese salads aren’t really my thing but I think you’ve won me over with this grilled cheese recipe! Loaded Caprese Grilled Cheese, you think. This pesto caprese grilled cheese is an Italian twist on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Sorry about that! The garlic butter tomato sauce sounds fantastic! I love Caprese entrees and appetizers and I love a hot off the griddle grilled cheese. I just last night made a caprese salad to use up some mozz that was rapidly approaching its expiration date. Your favorite bread slathered in homemade (or store-bought) pesto and topped with gooey mozzarella cheese, and fresh juicy tomatoes! This recipe is part of our easy summer dinners page. A run, though. 4 thick slices of fresh bread (your choice, really) 100 g | 3.5 oz (or 8 thick slices) mozzarella cheese (about 1/2 an inch thick) 2 ripe roma or vine ripened tomatoes , sliced. I’ll be sure to tag you to the photos (which may not come out nice). One of the ultimate and easiest ways to make a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. Sprinkle basil ribbons over top and season with ground black pepper to taste, then cover with remaining slice of bread. That is when this Caprese Grilled Cheese sandwich comes into play. Then lift sandwich out of skillet and drizzle remaining 1 tsp olive oil into skillet, tilt pan back and forth to evenly coat. Remove from skillet and lightly brush garlic clove along toasted sides of bread. Check it out! Learn how your comment data is processed. Way thicker than any previous versions, in a really good way. They give me an excuse to make yummy food! Anything that contains the word “Caprese” in the recipe title, I’m in. Caprese Grilled Cheese – one of the ultimate and easiest ways to make a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. But, sometimes I need to turn it up a notch. Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich. Sounds and looks like a contender for “Best Grilled Cheeses EVER!” Bravo! Sign up to receive a free eCookbook with my top 25 most popular recipes. Holy yummers. Heat skillet or panini press, and put sandwich on to cook. Many variations on the internet contain vinegar, but this is blasphemous, as the strong acidity will overpower the tang of the tomatoes and the subtle flavors of the fresh cheese. THANK YOU for reading my mind. It’s a unique twist on a classic sandwich that is packed with flavor and easy to prepare! Sprinkle with salt and pepper and top with basil. ), I am making this next week for my anniversary. When the two are combined together you get an intensely delicious sandwich that you won’t easily forget. . Bread slices are layered with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and fresh tomatoes then cooked in a hot skillet until golden brown and melty delicious! They are not for the faint of heart. My dad is really into making homemade sourdough bread (grinding his own flour and using only salt, water, and flour… I’m talking legit stuff) and my mom has a huge tomato garden. Place one slice of bread on the griddle buttered side down. *When I don't have fresh mozzarella on hand I will sometimes use low-moisture part-skim Mozzarella which is also delicious. LOVE the idea of combining caprese + grilled cheese. I love adult grilled cheese! Evenly layer each with tomato and mozzarella slices. And my tomatoes are coming along!!!! The perfect taste of summer. 1/2 – 3/4 cup mini bocconcini cheese; 2 cups fresh spinach; 2 green onions sliced; 3 tbsp grated parmesan; Instructions. This sound wonderful….but somehow I missed the note about the pesto! Caprese Grilled Cheese sandwiches are parmesan crusted and loaded with gooey cheese, fresh tomatoes, and earthy basil! Bread slices are layered with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and fresh tomatoes then cooked in a hot skillet until golden brown and melty delicious! Tomato, Fresh Basil, Fresh Mozzarella, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil on Fresh Sourdough, grilled to order. Season the cheese with a pinch of salt. It’s like the food of the season is speaking just to your tastebuds – you see possibility everywhere and you just cannot stop yourself from loving every. It seems like a silly thing, but those half-sticks really are so convenient and great! Yes! thing. Top with half the shredded mozzarella and sliced tomatoes. 10 fresh basil leaves , roughly chopped. It’s summer, and the eating is good. Served with choice of kettle chips or fresh fruit. Molten mozzarella cheese will absolutely spill out the sides of your grilled sourdough, as will drips of pesto and chunky buttery garlic tomato sauce, and you will get a feeling in your heart that says: I was made for this caprese grilled cheese moment. […] 4. So delicious! 1-2 tablespoons garlic … Place remaining bread slices on top and brush both sides of sandwiches with olive oil. Drizzle 1 tsp olive oil in a non-stick skillet, heat over medium-low heat and tilt back and forth to evenly coat (heat the oil long enough for it to glide easily across the pan but don't heat it to smoking point before adding sandwich or it the bread will toast before the cheese has a chance to melt. Layer mozzarella in an even layer over one slice of bread and an even layer of sliced tomatoes. Adjust heat as needed, and cook until golden brown, about 2-4 minutes. Browns evenly, and does not burn like butter sometimes does. I would love to try this recipe outdoors on the grill. Okay…this looks straight-up amazing. Looking for a delightfully simple and quick lunch or dinner idea? Land O Lakes® Salted Butter in Half Sticks, Open … I can’t believe how easy that tomato sauce is, but you best believe I’ll be using it in everything for the rest of the summer! Lightly browned in a skillet and placed in a hot oven, it comes out golden, toasty and melty. The stuff of champions, this looks incredible!! Thanks for this recipe… we’ll definitely be giving it a try. Summer is desserts and healthy farmers market inspired food. A rustic sourdough boule is thickly sliced and layered with fresh mozzarella cheese, summer tomatoes, and a flavorful Arugula Pesto. Carefully flip sandwich to opposite side then return to skillet, cover with lid and continue to cook until bottom side is golden brown and cheese is melted through. Butter the bottom outside slice of the sourdough bread. This Caprese grilled cheese offers everything a traditionalist would expect, but has the power to win over a whole new generation with it's Mediterranean twist on the classic sandwich. Works to serve two or four, depending on your self control. My husband Bjork and I live in Minnesota. If using butter, spread 1/2 tbsp butter on both top and bottom of sandwich and heat skillet over medium heat), add sandwich, cover with lid and cook until sandwich is golden brown on bottom, about 2 minutes. This Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich starts with good bread.

caprese grilled cheese

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