Are they really that Special? I tested everything and with these speakers about 2 feet from my back wall AND using the foam plugs I get the most 3D sound I have had in this room and still have amazing bass. But the air was let out of my sails when I asked the price. These pump out more quality bass then the Focal Sopra 2 I had in here, and those were some big speakers! The team in Dynaudio Labs used the anniversary edition project as an opportunity to study and improve some of Dynaudio’s most celebrated technologies – making new steps in tweeter, woofer and crossover design in the process. Percussive elements dance around the room contrasting the solidly-imaged saxophone. They are by no means overly-romantic in their musical portrayal, just a tad polite. After digging one’s way through the sturdy cardboard and foam packing materials, a white cotton bag represents the last barrier between the speakers and the new owner’s eyes. 3 DIMENSIONAL? The sound seems to emit from everywhere around the speakers, independent of the physical speaker bodies. But magical? Grills are still sealed in the box & never used. Nothing sticks out, but they do play beautiful music and if I were to nitpick after they were broken in I would say at times their bass is too plentiful. BTW, You can get a great deal on a red pair HERE. One reviewer found them to sound slightly "glassy" at times, but with my NAD M32 and the right cabling, I don't have that problem. But back to high cost speakers vs lower cost…. Dynaudio Special Forty. When I first heard the 40's I new they were something special. With the 40’s I do hear things the CWIII’s just can’t seem to get out. The new Special 40’s follow in their tradition of releasing “special” speakers when they hit certain anniversaries. I have also tested the Stand 6 with these for my 2nd pair and prefer these to the newer Stand 10’s as well. Volume was not an issue. Huh? The e-journal of analog and digital sound, Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature Loudspeakers, Andover Audio Songbird Hi-Res Music Streamer – First Look, The LSA T-3 turntable from Underwood HiFi. A single set of gold-plated binding posts on the back make connections easy for speaker wires with a spade, bare wire, or banana termination. The Focal Sopra 1 will have a lighter sound though, and a more recessed thinner midrange. UPDATE! However, the small Dynaudios do pack a surprising punch. Everything comes into play, even my amp (Luxman 590 AXII) to DAC (PS Audio DirectStream w/Snowmass).. (Scratching my head) Now I will say my Cornwalls put out a much bigger wall of sound that is more flowing but the Dynaudios shine in the MIDRANGE where there is gobs of magic pouring through the speakers and they made the mighty corns sound…a bit muffled or veiled. For those with a tight budget though, a more modest and less attractive pair of aftermarket stands can solve the immediate need. As a bookshelf speaker, the Dynaudios require stands putting the tweeters at ear-level. This coating is applied in exactly the correct places and … As I listened to more and more music I was drawn in to the sound and even at night with low volume these were doing so much better than I imagined using only minimal power from my Luxman 590 AXII. Time sure does fly. If you locate this anywhere, please contact [email protected] so we can take action immediately. These have the latest tech from Dynaudio, and they are not anywhere near their flagship range in price. My room is 12X13, carpeted, couch, pillows, and very NON reflective and damped. When they do, brace yourself for a wonderful ride. With some tracks I FEEL the bass in my chest as I sit eight feet away. While photos of these speakers showcase the beauty of the speaker finish, they have trouble doing it true justice. No matter the music I threw at these, they played it well. Beyond their attractive facades, a lot of new technology lies within these two-way speakers. Mirrorless Central – My reviews of all Mirrorless Cameras. The new Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it totally up to date with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies. Others gave them rave after rave. But unlike many commemorative models, the Special Forty is not being produced in a limited edition, nor is it a member of one of Dynaudio’s many series of models. So I email Dan the owner and tell him I will head out and buy a set of these from him. Well, both beat each other in some ways and on others they do not. The motor system has also been tweaked. The Octave V40SE powered these to deafening levels while remaining composed and sounding amazing. These are a special edition Dynaudio intended to celebrate 40 years of loudspeaker manufacturing. It was many many years ago (maybe 2003) in Phoenix AZ at a HiFi shop that no longer exists. Without it, great speakers or a great amp may sound horrible. The combination of drivers creates a convincing soundstage with immense breadth, height, and depth. For the money, I do not think you can beat these. Dynaudio Special 40 Speaker Review. These play music, and can touch your heart. No listening time on these. They do most of the things audiophiles love..huge soundstage width, decent depth, precise imaging, detail without being etched or bright, smooth tweeter and a rich midrange that excels with the human voice..smooth, clear and spacious and HOLOGRAPHIC with the right amps, cables, stands, etc. Dynaudio didn’t just plonk in the units from the C1 - the drivers have been fettled, with markedly improved results. And, they come in a very cool grey too…, Analog Source. I wanted to relive that memory from 2003 and thought maybe, just maybe these could do it for me. Like new set of Dynaudio Special 40 in grey listed for $2200 on USAM today. A new video on the Special 40’s – October 2019. If you can, I have yet to find it. Dynaudio's Special Forty wins this year's award for the best speaker. 400 hours is a significant amount of time. THAT has never happened. Especially since a local dealer, Dedicated Audio, had a brand new red pair in stock. The high end seemed a tad recessed if anything for the 1st 2 weeks but in this room these were beating the C1 Signatures without question which made me realize that for what I paid for these, it may be the best deal of the last few years for me in HiFi. These made the cut and inspired me to spend a little time writing this for anyone who has interest in these speakers. Bass, guitar, and drums pull no punches. The Special 40’s are indeed very special. The last “special” I remember was the Special 25 and that speaker is well loved by many audiophiles. Forget about “watts’ but go for current. With stellar reviews pouring in for these special 40’s I was intrigued. Only what I truly love and would recommend. Dynaudio considers high performance monitors to be an area of particular strength and says the Special Forty is offered as homage to classic Dynaudio monitors from the past, such as the Special One, the Special Twenty-Five, the Crafft, and the Contour 1.3SE. It’s the connoisseur’s choice – a simple pair of passive hi-fi speakers. They sound very big but not HUGE like a set of Cornwalls that are the size of small refridgerators. Enjoying Pink Martini’s “Dansez-Vous” the track features a variety of instruments which accompany multiple vocalists. Tweeter covers were never removed. Detail, spaciousness, and a much more 3 dimensional soundstage emerge from the Special 40’s. The new Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it totally up to date with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies. Do the Cornwall’s beat the Special 40’s that I paid $2600 for? Dynaudio Special Forty. A Look at the Leica 90mm Summilux f/1.5 Lens on the M10-R and 907x. Listening to “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine demonstrates the Dynaudios’ ability to rock. That said the special 40 is kind of a weird animal, it uses prototype Esotar3 drivers, even more advanced than what's available with the Confidence C1 or Contour C20, but has a noisy, poorly braced enclosure, whereas I would expect the Focus 160 to have better build quality. I offer sincere kudos to Dynaudio for putting this level of sonic performance, build quality, and beauty within the financial reach of so many who prioritize music in their lives. If Dynaudio did not handle every aspect of design and production in-house, the speakers would cost significantly more. They are well worth the cost and then some. If you seek a new set of speakers in this price range, be sure to put the Dynaudio Special Forty on your audition list. While there was much excitement about their new wireless products (which were indeed incredible) new in-wall LCR custom install products, and of course their top range Evidence Platinum speakers, when my attention turned to the small 40th anniversary model, the Dynaudio personnel were somewhat coy. Both have their strengths and both offer a unique sound experience. With the Dynaudio’s, vocals are amazing, there is more detail than the big corns for sure, and a more 3 dimensional effect going on with the imaging. My second pair took a few weeks to come into their own and sound EARGASM good. These speakers do so much so well at their price point I am hard-pressed to offer major criticisms. With a retail of $3000, even that seems low for a new set of “special” Dynaudio speakers. Dynaudio A/S celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017 with, among other things, the presentation of a loudspeaker system that was one of the first to directly benefit from these new possibilities in development, and which, according to Dynaudio A/S, would combine all the company’s virtues, the Dynaudio Special Forty. The dealer sold 4 pairs from that night. Woofer-wise, trickle-down technology from Dynaudio’s higher-end Evidence and Confidence speakers help lower the Forty’s distortion and increase power handling through their proprietary hybrid magnet system. That 17cm mid/bass unit still uses the company’s traditional MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone – it’s a one-piece cone using the large dome in the middle to aid rigi… I love these Cornwall III’s and they are one of the most satisfying speakers I have ever owned in life. Wow, 40 years. So finding a bookshelf that could do this is harder than I thought, while staying under $3000. If our designers loved working on the Contour 20 and 30, the Contour 60 was an even bigger ticket for them. Here we are in 2018 (as I write this) and last year in 2017 Dynaudio released the new Special 40 Speakers to celebrate 40 years in the business. One can get them new for under retail if you search around. Goodbye Photokina? To me, the Dynaudio Special 40 seems very clearly to be less than the sum of its parts. Some start out with a WOW but long term seem too shrill. Useful Articles, Featured Photographers and more! In my room, I MUCH prefer a nice set of bookshelf speakers as long as they can boogie, give me some weight and also have MAGIC within them. The sound was big, open, clear and had snap, dynamics and weight. Costs have gone through the roof for some amps, pre amps, dacs and speakers. I have the RED and they are striking in the flesh (or the wood). SME Model 10 with SME V and Model 10 tonearms. Saxophone retains all the woodiness one expects to hear. I believe it was called “The sound of Music” if my memory serves me correctly. At home I had a pair of the original Avantgarde Uno’s and these Dynaudios just sounded so much more pure, so magical and smooth…and I wanted them so bad. I try many pieces of HiFi and listen to way more than I write about. Spacious. What lies underneath is breathtaking. Worst was the McIntosh. The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio: all the craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound you’ve come to expect. YES YES YES! The sum of these elements certainly puts the “special” in the Special Forty’s namesake. For their 40th anniversary, Dynaudio endeavored to make something very special. My Confidence C1s did the same thing, but they were nearly $10k/pair. Here we are in 2018 (as I write this) and last year in 2017 Dynaudio released the new Special 40 Speakers to celebrate 40 years in the business. When they finally arrived here, I did the same, putting them front and center, squarely in the middle of my 16 x 26 foot listening room, powered by a big stack of Pass Labs gear and the dCS Rossini Player/Clock combo. Dynaudio Special Forty deals. Compared to my old faves, the Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolutions, these are lighter and smaller sounding, not as full in the mid bass, have more detail and do not exaggerate any frequency..BUT THIS IS A GOOD THING IN THIS ROOM. Condition is Used 9.5/10 great condition! Sweet. I emailed Dan at Dedicated audio the 2nd day I had these and said “These sound like $5000 speakers” and I still feel that. The Dynaudio Evoke 20 is a highly capable and revealing loudspeaker that let’s you know exactly what’s going on in the music but does so in a warm, relaxed fashion, this doesn’t stop music that’s frantic or intense sounding the way it was intended but it means that less refined recordings don’t sound harsh or … The engineers worked on improving airflow and damping behind the 28mm tweeter dome - the idea is to reduce back-pressure as the diaphragm moves, increasing detail and lowering distortion. Woah, they’re big. So good I bought them twice, in each color. If Dynaudio did not handle every aspect of design and production in-house, the speakers would cost significantly more. My Camera of the Year 2020. Time sure does fly. Hardware Review. Combine that with a level of delicacy, tonal accuracy and resolution that you’d expect to pay $10k/pair for and you can see why I’m so excited. Given this benchmark of performance, I cannot wait to hear what Dynaudio has up its sleeve to celebrate their golden anniversary a decade from now! But it’s also a quality bass as Dynaudio is using their most advanced drivers here in the S40. Using some of their most advanced materials and drivers, yet coming in at a lower price point tells me they are doing things right. Was only used for display purposes. Hell, even cables can cost a small fortune these days (and should be considered as important as your amp, source, etc when shopping in the higher end realm os sound). I am shortlisting dynaudio special 40, b&w 705s2, buchardt s400, kef ls50/r3. Accompanying the advanced drivers resides a freshly-designed crossover too. So did the 50 or so people at the event. Here I am so many years after hearing my 1st Dynaudio speaker and while I have not loved all of their speakers over the years these special 40’s are quite different from the usual Dynaudio’s. I am running these with a Luxman 590 AXII that puts out 30 juicy watts of class A power and I’m using very little of those 30 watts to fill my 12X12 room with huge glorious sound from the 40’s. It’s a three-way design. Dynaudio Xeo 2 $1299 The Xeo 2 is a wireless, internally bi-amplified/DSP’d two-way speaker system in a svelte cabinet. Speakers also … Something like a Raven Nighthawk III delivers a more romantic sound, more 3D even and without the slam of the Octave. One reviewer found them to sound slightly "glassy" at times, but with my NAD M32 and the right cabling, I don't have that problem. Sadly I used to think that the more you spend the better the sound you will get. Dynaudio is … UPDATE 10/2019 – I now feel you can’t get better than these unless you spend over $10k. The others could not even get close, not even close. I do not remember what the price was but may have been around $6000-$6500. one thing I have learned is that SYNERGY is VERY important. I could live with either as my only speaker but will keep both around as the Special 40’s give me what the Cornwall III’s can not (update 10/19 – SOLD the Corns as the S40’s beat them for me in nearly all ways after much more listening). They do sound cleaner, and crisper than the Cornwalls  but they do this without being thin or light sounding. They were reminding me a little of my old magical Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolutions but they were lighter in the bass, which was good as those EVO’s sometimes overloaded my room with certain tracks. Holy Cow. The most powerful, the sprout, did the worst of all. Our 40th anniversary speaker might look simple, but there’s some serious tech lurking inside… all designed, engineered and assembled in Denmark. YES. Those who say you need massive watts for these to come alive are wrong. These are the 2020 model. Less than a foot tall, it has a bold, confident voice that neither screams with treble lift nor shrinks into the background with presence suckout. Do these speakers beat my Klipsch Cornwall III speakers that retail for over $5500 new? It’s the connoisseur’s choice – a simple pair of passive hi-fi speakers. No. Before I go on and talk about how they compare in my room to speakers that cost 2X, 5X and even 10X the cost I would love to share a story about the first time I heard Dynaudio speakers. In all my years into HiFi I have never seen a deal such as what you can get with these speakers. I was so curious about them and seeing that I have my room and equipment so dialed in these days I knew these Dynaudios would, or should shine. Bass is there when in the recording but never artificial. The esotar tweeter is much better than the esotec tweeter. In fact the 20 WPC Raven Nighthawk delivered a sweet romantic sound, the Octave V40 SE delivered dynamics and a huge wall of sound with more transparency and the Luxman was just magic with these speakers, in my room. A Look at the NEW Sigma 35 and 65mm Contemporary DG DN f/2 Lenses on a Panasonic S5. The time is NOW and something Special arrived.. Before I write more, most should be aware that how these speakers sound in my space may be wildly different to how they sound in your space. So yea, my $2500 was sort of small ; ), As I walked by a demo room I heard the most amazing and sweet sound and as I walked in a salesman was there just listening for his own enjoyment. It’s not that there is a lot wrong with the Special Forty - it's just the design seem a little too familiar. That’s what I got when I switched in an Octave V40 SE tube amp that delivers only 40 watts per channel. Watch for another full review in the Audiophile Apartment section shortly, when I’ve had more time to try them with a few different, more reasonably priced amplifiers. If they retain the Dynaudio house sound and my Luxman 590 AXII, Nordost Cables and DirectStream DAC have synergy with them I knew I would be in for a treat. To me, the Dynaudio Special 40 seems very clearly to be less than the sum of its parts. Superb imaging and soundstage width with decent depth. Be sure to fill them 3/4 with sand! Using the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with the latest OS “SNOWMASS” I was so impressed with the sound of these speakers that I thought for sure that I found the elusive pair of under $3k bookshelves that could keep me excited listening to them day after day. Dynaudo special 40 Red birch Prefer local pickup but can ship Buyer pays shipping cost Cash, bank check or PayPal shipping to United States only To me, these sound better in my room than the C1’s sounded (they were way more laid back and too smooth) and they sound equally as good as my old $20k Sonus Faber’s. On tracks like Dave Brubeck Quartet’s “Take Five” the complex harmonics of cymbals render with an organic-sounding strike, shimmer, and decay. At the bottom sit two brand-new 23cm MSP woofers (bigger, redesigned brothers of the 18cm drivers we’ve used in the Contour 20 and 30). The Dynaudio Special Forty speakers are an absolute bargain for their beguiling looks, great sound, and the pedigree of the company’s 40-year history building stellar speakers. Hence a local sale is much preferred NJ, 08648 Lots of great reviews on these speakers, here's one for you :-) Dynaudio just unveiled its brand-new 40th anniversary loudspeaker – the Special Forty – at the 2017 High End Show in Munich. And happy to award them one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2018. Except for less ultimate low bass power, they felt like the $100k/pair Evidence models. Yes, speakers like Dynaudio’s flagships take the sound experience to another level by offering an increased prowess reproducing musical nuance, refinement, detail, depth of soundstage, and deep bass recreation. Way out of my league at the time. The time is NOW and something Special arrived.. They go from being fat and full with a recessed high end, to outright dull to thin and etched. Going up to $8k or so will get you something comparable (Focal Sopra 1 for example) but that’s quite a jump from the $2600 that I paid for these truly special speakers. Wow, 40 years. The drivers of the Special 40 do exhibit better control in certain respects; the Buchardts tend to slightly soften detail. 3 Dimensional. I do not write reviews for all gear I use, test or own. Sound is dynamic and energetic. I went in looking for a pair of speakers but my budget at the time was pretty small, somewhere around $2500. These went though a transformation over the weeks and when they stopped changing I realized what the final sound character was of these very Special 40’s. Of course, those characteristics and enhancements come with a much higher price tag. A newly-developed silk dome tweeter dubbed the “Esotar Forty” offers low resonance and increased airflow. The sound is rich, smooth, neutral to warm in sound character and with a full midrange that makes vocals pop. They seem to have a sweeter treble too though not as big sounding as the old EVO’s. Not a good match with Dynaudio IMO. The new Special 40’s follow in their tradition of releasing “special” speakers when they hit certain anniversaries. Or maybe not. The salesman was excited to see I was into them, and quickly threw on a CD, which was Patricia Barbers Cafe Blue. No. The Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers are very special. To fix this just move them into the room more or use the foam plugs if need be. Their team faced a choice: design a new flagship speaker or make a top-shelf bookshelf at a price point accessible to many more music fans. YES. “Lilly” also showcases the way the Special Forties place lead vocals front and center layered among piano, trumpet, drums, and more. The only limitation with these seem to be the smaller cabinet but even that is not so small. ... a medium size two-way built to celebrate Dynaudio’s 40th anniversary last year. (Since writing this I bought a second pair in Grey and went through the same EXACT burn in process, and yes, it’s VERY REAL so be prepared if you buy a pair of these. Dynaudio does sell matching stands which are designed to complement the inherent beauty of the speaker cabinets and give the speakers a rigid base to optimize their voice. Not sure what they are typically going for new, there was a sale at Amazon for $2399 a couple weeks ago with free shipping, so maybe it's not a great deal for a used set, but does include shipping and paypal. THIS to me is the best Dynaudio speaker I have ever heard. As a cohesive whole, the Special Forty’s drivers and internals truly sing. No issues at all powering the S40’s as they are NOT hard to drive, and no, they do not do better with 200 WPC of solid state. Only the floorstander of the Focus line uses the esotar IIRC. They sound better than the Focal Sopra 2 I had in here, and beat the pants off of any $1-$3k speakers I have had in here. I was told by the dynaudio rep that there would be a break in period so I knew what I was getting in to. These need current more so than watts. I recently acquired a pair of Dynaudio Special 40 Speakers. From the Special Forty’s technical info sheet: “The Esotar Forty’s 28mm diaphragm is a classic Dynaudio soft-dome design, complete with our DSR (Dynaudio Secret Recipe) precision coating. The Dynaudio Special Forty speakers are an absolute bargain for their beguiling looks, great sound, and the pedigree of the company’s 40-year history building stellar speakers. They were Dynaudio C1’s, the very 1st original models and boy did they sound special. The best sound came from the low wattage HIGH CURRENT designs. Unpacking the speakers is a joy in and of itself. Believe this, it’s true. Welcome thoughts on those or any others that I need to know about? In any case. While not as detailed as most audiophile speakers they play music, not sounds. With a rep for being hard to drive, and still pricey even when used, I never did get a pair but these new Special 40’s? It’s interesting as these may be some of the most well balanced speakers I have heard in my life, no matter the size, or cost. Thought I’d share my thoughts on the Kef R3’s that I have demoed at home today, providing some comparisons to the other top-contender at the moment, the Dynaudio Special 40s. At a price of $3,000 for the pair, the Special Forty speaker defies its modest price tag in every way. The best sound I had from these has been with low wattage tube Amos between 20-40 watts. The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio: all the craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound you’ve come to expect. I was still listening, never a hint of fatigue… just sweet room filling music that seemed to have more weight than what my Cornwalls deliver. If the cabinets were larger they would be even bigger sounding but if that was the case, then would also be much more money and I feel take away from some of the magic these hold. Sweet? Some sound dull, boring and flat. Back when I had those C1’s here I did not have the best amp or cables for them, which is why they did not win me over like they did in 2003. Highly recommend these 40’s but make sure you have quality stands. The drivers of the Special 40 do exhibit better control in certain respects; the Buchardts tend to slightly soften detail. He said “sit down and have a listen, these are my favorite speakers in the store”. Design goals included better impedance and phase alignment which help ensure only the relevant frequencies get routed appropriately for tweeting or woofing. Dynaudio Special 40, Red Birch . I was in awe. Think huge organic sounding wall of sound. Never thin, harsh or fatiguing in any way. It’s well balanced but most speakers here sound fantastic though there are huge differences between the presentation of a small bookshelf and a larger floortsander here. The Special Forty can fit in with any decor, with a sound that's similarly low-key, but that's why they'll wear well over time. One review I read of these speakers proclaimed them as the best bookshelf speaker Dynaudio has made. The Special Fourty features a unique ve User Reports – YOUR views on camera gear! ... Our first impression of Dynaudio’s 40th anniversary speaker is more one of mild disappointment than anything else. I recently acquired a pair of Dynaudio Special 40 Speakers in the stunning red gloss finish. 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