But enough deeds of immorality, tyranny, ambition and simony were found proved to justify the severest judgment. The gardens and fields produce an abundance of flowers, which justify the city's title of la cittd dei fiori. But when the symptoms are fully described they seem to justify this conclusion, one character only being thought to make a distinction between this and Oriental plague, viz. Enough has been said to justify the great place assigned to Aristotle in the history of logic. The collections which Mrs Rylands assembled in the 1890s are of such quality as to justify this relatively modest investment in their future. Boniface VIII., instead, ordered the king in December 1301 to free the bishop, in order that he might go to Rome to justify himself. Thus the legends of the Popol-Vuh confirm what is learnt from comparing the culture of Central America and Mexico proper, that, though these districts were not connected by language, the intercourse between them had been sufficient to justify the anthropologist in including both districts in one region. He may be said to have gained a world-wide reputation by his use of the phrase "blood is thicker than water" to justify his intervention on behalf of the British squadron engaged in the operations against the Peiho Forts. Thus we justify, on grounds of instrumentation, laws usually known as laws of harmony and counterpoint. Are you looking for a technical degree, an art degree or just a place that will help you justify playing World of Warcraft 24/7? d'Epinay and others, and while Mrs Macdonald's researches have done much to suggest a rehabilitation of Rousseau's veracity they have not definitely been accepted to an extent which would justify the rewriting of these other lives in her sense. He endeavoured to justify himself. Messianic zeal, nationalism and myth came together to justify the savagery of the colonial shock troops let loose in the country. 14-33) written to believing Jews in order to justify the Gentile mission and afterwards edited for Gentile readers with the addition of xi. microsurgery courses nationally to justify allowing the application. In Theology Herbart held the argument from design to be as valid for divine activity as for human, and to justify the belief in a supersensible real, concerning which, however, exact knowledge is neither attainable nor on practical grounds desirable. How to use justify in a sentence. Disregarding the wishes of the Great Council, and excluding all the more important of the barons and bishops from office, he acted as his own chief minister and never condescended to justify his policy except when he stood in need of subsidies. 1. | (transitive) To be a good, acceptable reason for; warrant. One day He will return in judgment, to condemn the wicked and justify the righteous. The Acts, in describing the visits of Peter to Samaria, Joppa, Lydda and Caesarea, justify the view that his missionary activity began quite early. She was particu­larly adept at suing anyone in the same county as an injured vic­tim, but only after carefully deciding they either had a bankroll or sufficient insurance limits to justify her attention. Thus did the wily Mr. Mitchell justify his headship. From henceforth it was Theofan's duty and pleasure to explain the new ideas and justify the most alarming innovations from the pulpit. It seemed as if she had to justify herself. But those who, like the positivists, agnostics and sceptics, deny the possibility of metaphysics as a theory of the ultimate nature of things, are still obliged to retain philosophy as a theory of knowledge, in order to justify the asserted limitation or impotence of human reason. However, at least one state, California, has observed growing hemoglobin H disease rates that are high enough to justify universal newborn screening for the condition. It is possible that he had to go into hiding to avoid the danger of being accused as a real Jacobite, when those with whom he had contracted to assume the character were dead and could no longer justify his attitude. One may divine in all this an intention to "justify the ways of God" to the Jew, by proving that God in His faithfulness to His ancient people had given them the first opportunity of salvation through Christ, but that now their national privilege had been rightly forfeited. ), and it may possibly be gathered that Nehemiah at once departed to justify himself (Neh. When pederasty became common in Greece, an attempt was made to justify it and invest it with dignity by referring to the rape of the beautiful boy by Zeus; in Crete, where the love of boys was reduced to a system, Minos, the primitive ruler and law-giver, was said to have been the ravisher of Ganymede. A peculiarity of larch wood is the difficulty with which it is ignited, although so resinous; and, coated with a thin layer of plaster, beams and pillars of larch might probably be found to justify Caesar's epithet " igni impenetrabile lignum "; even the small branches are not easily kept alight, and a larch fire in the open needs considerable care. Enactments about the pursuit of thieves, and the calling in of warrantors to justify sales of chattels, are other expressions of the difficulties attending peaceful intercourse. Although they appear simple, clauses can function in complex ways in English grammar. It contains less than 200 species, chiefly parasitic on or in algae and other water-plants or animals, of various kinds, or in other fungi, seedlings, pollen and higher plants. Give me such evidence as would justify me in believing in anything else, and I will believe that. The differences between the two genera described above are sufficiently marked to justify the division of the Sphenophyllales into the two orders Sphenophyllaceae and Cheirostrobaceae. The climate of the higher grounds is healthy, and meteorological observation does not justify the reputation for cold and damp often given to the county as a whole. disobedience of a reasonable order to justify the dismissal of the men. It was an ideal that failed to embody itself and justify itself by its fruits. You don't need to justify yourself to me. In Order To Justify This Assumption, The Formation Of The Drop Must Be Sufficiently Slow, And Certain Restrictions Must Be Imposed Upon The Shape Of The Tube. Some of these doctors feel that there is not sufficient evidence for the diet's effectiveness on autism to justify placing people on a restrictive diet that could potentially result in dangerous vitamin deficiencies. There is no cause, no religion, that can justify such brutality. For those just looking for a quiet CPU cooler, I can't justify the £ 30 price tag. A clause is the basic building block of a sentence; by definition, it must contain a subject and a verb. In order to justify his newly-won laurels, Luynes undertook an expedition against the Protestants, but died of a fever in the midst of the campaign, at Longueville in Guienne, on the 15th of December 1621. In later times Christian ecclesiastical writers, finding it difficult to justify the unbroken prosperity of the wicked to an age which believed in the judgment of God and trial by combat, invented a final defeat for Mansur at Calatanaxor. This drug should be reserved for treatment of children whose ADHD cannot be controlled with either first or second line drug therapy and whose condition is so severe that the potential benefits justify the risk. In fact, even something as simple as a change in lighting can alter a landscape's appearance enough to justify a new painting. It is especially those long ages, during which Egypt was an independent centre of culture and government, before its absorption in the Persian empire in the 6th century B.C., that make the most powerful appeal to the imagination and can often justify this appeal by the splendour of the monuments representing them. Although there is not much to justify such a proposition, it may perhaps be conceded that she was in many respects abnormal and that some of her work is characteristic of a process known to modern psychologists as "automatism," or in other words that it is the result of a spasmodic uprush to the surface of sub-conscious mental activities. But the conduct of the besotted boy on whom at their marriage she had bestowed the title of king began at once to justify the enterprise and to play into the hands of all his enemies alike. 4. After the death of the king his opposition became more marked; he denounced the September massacres, but when called upon to justify his attitude confined himself to attacking Marat, who was at the time all-powerful. 2. : 2. The pekan or Pennant's marten, also called fisher marten, though there appears to be nothing in its habits to justify the appellation, is the largest of the group, the head and body measuring from 24 to 30 in., and the tail 14 to 18 in. Ordinarily he'd feel guilty about deception, but in this case the ends did justify the means. But is this alone sufficient to justify us in assigning the widening to increased density? A disturbance that was almost an armed insurrection, which broke out in Derbyshire in June of this year, seemed to justify the severity of the government; it was suppressed without great difficulty, and three of the ringleaders were executed. 204+11 sentence examples: 1. at revolt to justify the action of the authorities. This report, the proposal that he made (August 27, 1795) to lessen the severity of the revolutionary laws, and the eulogies he received from several Paris sections suspected of disloyalty to the republic, resulted in his being obliged to justify himself (October 1 5, 1 795). Tony Blair is arrogantly trying to justify this aggression by appealing to the defense of " civilized values " . If, on the other hand, the processes are strictly alternative, a world which ex hypothesi exemplifies the one can never justify us in inferring the other. In some cases they introduced new systems of ecclesiastical organization, and in all they sought to justify their innovations by an appeal from the Church's tradition to the Scriptures. They have been called the Britons of the south, and their courage in defending their country and their intelligence amply justify the compliment. These consequences perhaps justify urgent intervention, however, there are four strong arguments against any action that need consideration. The preferred format is to justify the reference to the left and not indent. Hemphill; see under Tatian.) The objections of Great Britain were, however, not so much to an Austrian intervention in Naples as to the far-reaching principles by which it was sought to justify it. Click on this icon to align or justify text at both the left and right margins. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. How do colleges justify sports scholarships for cheerleaders? Addendum Maududi uses Sura 9:11-12 to justify executing apostates. The apparent opposition between the conflicting schools is more acute than the facts justify. Although of his writings only fragments remain, these fragments are enough, along with what we know of him from ancient testimony, to justify us in regarding him as the most important among the makers of Latin literature before the age of Cicero. fishbowl activity takes place after students have had a chance to consider the documents and prepare to justify their allotted statement. Ultimately tho, while it entertains, the story is slightly too long to justify the blackly comedic but weak ending. justify definition: 1. to give or to be a good reason for: 2. It is unlawful to treat part-timers less favorably than full-timers, unless you can justify the different treatment on objective grounds. utilitarian ethic to justify lying to millions. 35, 681) seems to justify this conclusion. I've gone into justification settings and made sure that the single word is aligned left. How to use justify in a sentence is shown in this page. It is always far easier to justify stealing from or assaulting someone that exists outside of your social group. 1. Such legends often arise to connect towns bearing identical or similar names (such as are common in Greece) and to justify political events or ambitions by legendary precedents; and this certainly happened during the successive political rivalries of Dorian Sparta with non-Dorian Athens and Thebes. Military personnel take risks, spend lengthy periods away from home and family, and may even be injured in the line of duty, all of which justify their excellent and highly-accessible retirement program. This was a piece of gratuitous cruelty, for the king, though wayward and unwise, had done nothing to justify such treatment. Unfortunately under Michigan law, her word alone justifies a warrant. He gained a great reputation as an effective preacher, and his posthumous Sermones morales (1792-1793) justify his fame in this respect. This general rule of thumb allows most homeowners to justify the closing costs because they will realize a savings within a couple of years from the refinance into the lower interest rate.

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