Scar never met Kovu when the former was alive. He shivered as Scar's spirit swept over him. Take care Lion Guard. When the guard refused, Scar was furious. Will Simba and The Guard be able to save Kion in time? Ushari asks Janja if he would like something meatier. Hijo de Simba y Nala, hermano menor de Kiara. Kion shares his experience when he was first appointed as leader of the Lion Guard, assuring Rani that she'll overcome her insecurity. He is a distant relative of Kion and his family. Back at Msafiri Forest, Kion cheers Mhina's name as he becomes Nguruma's seeing eye. Right as Jiona silences Mhina, Ajani warns him not to do that anymore. Kion raised his paw and stiked. summer), has started and the Lion Guard is busier than ever, to the annoyance of Ushari, who they keep running over. Bunga is the bravest, Fuli is the fastest, Beshte the strongest, and Ono is the keenest of sight. He is powerfully built and broad-shouldered. Noooooo. Kion nodded, and cleared his throat. Kion: Good work everyone we finally found a way to defeat Scar once and for all. As a cub, Kion, unlike his parents, Simba and Nala (when they were cubs) and his older sister, Kiara, he is a stickler for the rules, even in the face of temptation. The Roar made Scar feel powerful. Scar es el villano principal de la película The Lion King. The Pride Landers gather at Lake Matope to watch the mashindano. Many of his physical features are similar to those of his father Mufasa, such as his square jaw and small, pointed ears. Paintings and Predictions. said Kion. The chapter received positive reviews from writers. Despite Scar being in the chapter's title, he merely has a minor role. Later, Kion spots Simba inside the den. He is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara. When the pair gets back to Pride Rock, they find Simba and Rafiki waiting for them. The music playing during the scene doesn't help either. Kion has Simba's cub ear rims and Zira's ear rims combined togheter, though Simba's cub ear rim is paler on Kion. As the crocodiles brawl, Kiburi's lackeys attempt to sneak up on an unknown target, using the mashindano as a distraction. This show is said to take place in the time gap in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Eventually, Simba watched as Kion became the adoptive father to Mhina's adopted children, and supported Nguruma when he became Mahuluti's mate. But Scar's Lion Guard have their same color. Scar is back and he has a plan. As soon as Kion finished the story, Rafiki walks in. In the Pride Lands, the dry season has started, and the Lion Guard is busier than ever, much to the annoyance of Ushari, who they keep running over. Furthermore, the fact that Kion openly begins to wonder whether he is evil or not. Scar in "Lion King" Lion King remains one of Disney's best animated films, and it highlights a villain—Scar—who actually wins, reigning as king for years before Simba's return.He seems nefarious, killing his elder brother Mufasa, attempting to murder his nephew, and blaming his … Kion heeds the words of his parents and intelligently recognizes the signs of potential danger, this strong sense of responsibility is in part why Ki… It's a subtle angle that's never explicitly addressed, but when you think about it, the poor guy is faced with the impending choice of either abandoning his pod to stay and help the Guard fight Scar or leaving with them and loosing his friends and home in the process. "said Simba. "It's okay, I'm right here" she said quietly. So Scar ordered the Lion Guard to help him take down Mufasa. As the second born child of the Lion King, Kion serves as leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals who protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life. Makuu becomes leader of the crocodile float 7. When Kion tells Kiara about his love for Mhina, Kiara assures him that Simba and Nala would accept it. Fuli: Thanks for your help everyone. The Season 3 trailer shows that this will not be a good season for Kion. As a cub he resemblances his son Kion except without a red tuft of hair on his head. It is made clear that she is dying of natural causes, and it is also made clear from the dialogue that they knew this would happen, but that doesn't make it anymore easier. Mufasa's advice is all the more poignant considering that what ultimately caused his tragic death was the fact that he. "Can you blame him Lil' B?" The Fate of the original Lion Guard under Scar's command: ... After getting into an argument with his sister, Mufasa tells Kion that, as a brother, he should be there for her. "You too. 4. Ushari ends up getting caught up in the duo's game and gets the Baobab fruit wedged in his mouth. Scar pulled Simba closer to him. Please don't list it on a work's trope example list. A couple different aspects of "The Fall of Mizimu Grove". The pilot's scene with Mufasa can't get around the fact that Kion has to be introduced to his grandfather, who never got to meet him in person. Kion was born to Simba and Nala sometime after the birth of his sister Kiara.At some point in his early childhood, Kion befriended a young honey badger named Bunga (who was in the care of Simba's friends and childhood guardians Timon and Pumbaa).One time, Kion and Bunga went out to play in the Pride Lands, despite Simba telling Kion to stay put. He likely felt that his sister was in a lot of trouble and, given how fast he got angry and defensive, felt it was his fault. Kion es el hijo más joven de Simba y Nala, el hermano menor de Kiara, y es el protagonista de la serie The Lion Guard, una película y serie de televisión inspirada en The Lion King. He is given a scar identical to Scar out of petty spite, and he begins to struggle with his darker impulses, at one point using the Roar on Bunga by accident. Learning that Kion is unsure of speaking with Mufasa because of his scar, Rani tells Kion that his scar doesn't make him who he is and convinces him to … He was hand-chosen by Scar to follow in his pawprints and become king. Scar dug his claws deep into Simba's paws. Then, when Kion goes to apologize/talk to her, he finds out she went to see Janja alone. When Kion is kidnapped by Zira and her family,several unexpected events come up … Kion is the son and youngest child of Simba and Nala, the younger brother of Kiara, and the protagonist of The Lion Guard. "Kion, I've waited for this moment" Scar said. Back in the Pride Lands, Ma Tembo finally finds a new water source. All is fine in the Pride Lands, but Kion is aware that a new foe is lurking within the volcano. He also warns Kion to be careful to not lose control of the Roar of the Elders. 4. In "The Kilio Valley Fire", the elephants briefly decide to leave the Pride Lands when none of the other herds accept their presence after Kilio Valley burned down. Simba later attends Kion and Mhina’s wedding. The team drives the hyenas away, and Ma Tembo explains that the hyenas had been desperate because of the dry season. In season 1, he was just an average Pridelander who simply got annoyed of some of the Lion Guards antics, and has shown to have a caring side since he seemed to get along well with Timon and Pumbaa in The Kupatana Celebration, so it's actually kinda sad seeing him letting his hatred get the best of him and eventually. 17K likes. The guard lies down to rest and they tell Simba, Nala and Kiara everything that happened. How about this little moment in the same episode: After getting into an argument with his sister, Mufasa tells Kion that, as a brother, he should be there for her. Kion said as tears ran down his cheeks. Or will Kion die for not obeying Scar #lionguardfanfiction Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You led the Lion Guard during Yeh-Yeh's reign" Kion said. The outlanders resurrect Scar 10. The Great Lions of the Past are in the sky and their voices are in the wind, and they are the lions that appear when Kion uses the Roar. Made in even worse with this line in Chungu's lament: At the end of "Baboons!" However, the Evil Lions of the Past like Scar appear in fire if they are unleashed by the Roar and the bakora staff. Kion makes peace with Makuu 9. Kion watched in fear as Scar was about to send his dad to his death. Concerned at how quickly the start of the dry season has caused things to get out of hand, Kion tells Ono to stay with the herd and goes off to consult with his grandfather, Mufasa. The Rise of Scar is the seventeenth-eighteenth chapter of The Lion King: Revisited, as well as the film's second two-part special. He takes Kion to the Lair of the Lion Guard and gives him the history of the Lion Guard: It's composed of the bravest, strongest, fastest, fiercest, and keenest of sight in the Pride Lands to protect the Pride Lands. Scar is the main antagonist of The Lion King, and the brother of Mufasa.Scar kills Mufasa so that he can become king, but years later Simba fights and defeats him, becoming the rightful king of the Pridelands.. Simba soon arrives and isn't pleased with whom Kion has put in The Lion Guard. Kion yelled from behind everyone, everyone turned and saw Kion and the Lion Guard alright. And Makini." In a rather somber scene in which Simba, Nala and Zazu arrive at an elephant funeral to see the herd members laying flowers over the body of someone who was, apparently, dearly loved and respected in life. At the Lair of the Lion Guard, Makini asks Rafiki if there is a way to talk to Scar, and Rafiki explains that it depends on if the Great Lion is good or bad. Rani, despite knowing that this would happen, pleads with her grandmother not to leave her. Kiburi is appalled at Makuu for being so willing to share with the other Pride Landers, and calls for a mashindano, in which Makuu accepts. Kion and the lion guard meet Zira, Kovu Nuka and Vitani 8. Scar … But that power went to Scar's head. "Kion, I've waited for this moment" Scar said. So Scar ordered the Lion Guard to help him take down Mufasa. The Rise of Scar is the seventeenth-eighteenth chapter of The Lion King: Revisited, as well as the film's second two-part special. Reirei's pack joins Army of Scar 12. While the rest of the Guard rescues her, Janja tricks Kion by getting him to use the Roar out of anger, causing the volcano to erupt. He began to think that he should be king instead of his older brother Mufasa. They encountered a float of crocodiles and were nearly eaten by them after Bunga unitentionaly challenged one of the members named Makuu. Simba: NO! "Janja's New Crew" puts Cheezi and Chungu in sympathetic light after the two are exiled from of the Outlands by Janja and their replacements. Nala's father is seen as a painting on Rafiki's wall. It premiered on July 29, 2017. Simba: Father Nala: Mother Kiara: Sister Learning that Kion is unsure of speaking with Mufasa because of his scar, Rani tells Kion that his scar doesn't make him who he is and convinces him to … Lion Guard- Scar taunts kion and Mufasa gives advice (HD) Scar! Kion seemed to relax when he heard the familiar voice of his dad. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Songs 4 Trivia 5 Gallery In the Pride Lands, the Dry Season (a.k.a. With Kion and Scar "I need you to do me a big favour Kion." With pride within him, Simba let out a thunderous roar. As a cub, he was assigned as leader of The Lion Guard and assembled a team of animals to protect the Pridelands. The Lion Guard arrives at the scene, and, sure enough, Janja and his crew are attacking the elephants, with Mtoto as their main target. Meanwhile, Makini begins her training with Rafiki, but her impatience keeps her from making any progress. Ono becoming visually-impaired after an act of heroism, forcing him to retire from his position as the Keenest of Sight and handing its torch to Anga. Here comes the Lion Guard! Legends of the Lion Guard: A New Journey A Special Coronation. An unofficial fan page for Disney's The Lion Guard & the # 1 place for Pride Lands news, information, and fun! said Sora. Como el segundo hijo del Rey León, Kion sirve como el líder de la Guardia del León, un equipo de animales que protegen las Tierras del Reino y defienden el Ciclo de la Vida. See more ideas about lion guard, kion, king simba. Kion becomes the first one to break the rules of Lion Guard by gathering a team which included not only lions but also four animals, namely Fuli, … Simba's entire demeanor as he brushes away the burn mark left behind by Scar after seeing him "in the flesh" for the first time, in addition to his subsequent despondency when the herds openly discuss leaving the Pride Lands. Scar also had the gift of the Roar. Foregone Conclusion: One can expect that no one in the Lion Guard is going to tell Simba about Zira or ask Kiara about Kovu, because it's too early to find out about them. Having recently pulled a, Without knowing it will be moot by that evening, "New Way To Go" is a pretty heartbreaking song, especially if you ship. The Lion Guard arrives and have the elephants go into a rocky gorge. called Sora as he and the other travelers walked/flew away. He is the founder and leader of the first Lion Guard, who discovered the Roar of the Elders. "THINK AGAIN SCAR!" In a way, the ending of "The Hyena Resistance". It's absolutely crushing, and suffice it to say, the content warning was completely justified. We never knew their names, but we know that Nala's father might have been one of them, as he was nowhere to be seen in film one. He began to think that he should be king instead of his older brother Mufasa. When Kion doubts his ability to lead the Lion Guard, Askari advises him to rely on his own strengths rather than the Roar. He shivered as Scar's spirit swept over him. Janja retorts that no Great Lion would help the hyenas, but Zira reminds him that there was one Great Lion who always helped hyenas: Scar. What really hits home is when Mtoto sadly says goodbye to Beshte, his role model and older brother figure. While it's obvious to the audience who. Makuu shows up, wanting to speak with Simba about a solution and ordering his float to stay where they are. You led the Lion Guard during Yeh-Yeh's reign" Kion said. The hyenas kidnap Kiara and take Makini's bakora staff. Simba attends Kion and Mhina’s coronation. Back in the Pride Lands, Makini has found her bakora staff. The Lion King: The Legend of Simba- Jeremy Irons The Lion Guard: The Legend Begins Anew- David Oyelowo Trivia. The fact that he is now openly voicing his fears that he could indeed be like his uncle indicates he will be struggling with, The horror on Simba and Nala's faces when they hear that there is not a cure for Usahri's poison in the Pride Lands is, The farewell scene is gut-wrenching for any fan who has seen, A brief one, but take a look at Janja's face after he and Jasiri say their final goodbyes to Kion. Kion is kidnapped by the outlanders and held against his will to obey Scar Fanfiction. Kion shares his experience when he was first appointed as leader of the Lion Guard, assuring Rani that she'll overcome her insecurity. With Simba and the Guard "Whoa, Simba sure is worried." Family. Summary. The Lion Guard is shocked that the hyenas would hunt elephants because of how dangerous it is. He is the villain that came the closest to actually killing Kion. Fuli said with a worried tone in her voice. Mufasa is Simba's father and Kion and Kiara's grandfather. Back in the Outlands, Ushari and Janja decide to use what they have learned to summon Scar. Any time Simba is shown during "The Scorpion Sting". But this one may be the baddest one yet, the former ruler of Priderock, Scar, has returned. Elsewhere, Kion talks to his father about his concerns, but Simba assures his son that life is full of responsibilities and that one must face them head-on. Askari is a male lion and a character in the third and final season of The Lion Guard. Kion becomes leader of the Lion Guard 5. "And what's that?" The Roar made Scar feel powerful. One day he met a strange lion and Scar was poisoned by his cobra. When Janja throws Makini's staff into the volcano, Scar is successfully summoned through a rise of power, giving the Lion Guard's enemies their own full spiritual guide, including Goigoi, who has mated Reirei. He spotted Scar carrying Kion in his mouth. Seeing this, Rafiki tells her that the hardest part of listening is finding the quiet to hear, and sends her out to find her bakora staff. Kion himself sheds a few tears, and Rani is left in real doubt if she is ready to do this job. Kion for a brief second completely loses it in the hunt for the scorpion, and there is a very tragic tone due to the thought of losing Simba. Janja tells him that he would but can't because the Lion Guard keeps driving his clan off, to which Ushari reveals that that's because Kion's been getting advice from Mufasa. "It's okay, I'm right here" she said quietly. Simba growled, Scar smiled evilly, "Too bad the same thing can't be said for the Lion Guard" Scar revealed laughing evilly. Kion, the son of King Simba and Queen Nala, is the leader of the Lion Guard. In 2015, Disney introduced a Lion King TV. Simba is a fully grown lion of great size and stature, with a large dark red mane and tail tuft. "I wouldn't." Rafiki tells Kion his roar is the Roar of the Elders and Simba tells him it means he's destined to be the leader of the new Lion Guard. The skinks go off to tell Ushari and Janja what they've learned. Fuli says "baboons" in a sad tone, clearly indicating that she misses the infant, and given her previous annoyance with them, you can tell that Fuli saw it as leaving her own family. Figuring his son is in trouble, Ajani tells him to round up the Lion Guard. "Scar, I have heard much about you. For much of the first two seasons, Kion has been shown having self esteem issues and a precise fear of becoming like his uncle. Pain shot through Simba. Kion is a male lion.He is a member of the Night Pride and the king of the Tree of Life through his marriage to Rani.Formerly, he was the leader of the Lion Guard and the prince of Pride Rock.He is the son of Simba and Nala, and the brother of Kiara.. Before becoming the leader of the Lion Guard, Kion witnessed his best friend, Bunga, being attacked by hyenas, and he reflexively used the … Kion then blasts the hyenas away with the Roar of the Elders. In the episode "Rise of Makuu," Nala did say to Kion that his father, Simba fought Scar to regain leadership of the pride lands. He watches proudly as Kion becomes the King consort of Leopon Plains. During their patrol, Ono informs his friends that Janja's clan is attacking Ma Tembo's herd. Startled by Simba's roar, Scar jumped,dropped Kion, then turned to face his nephew. Suddenly, they see Ushari and decide to eat him. The death of Queen Janna in "Long Live the Queen" is a gutwrencher right from the beginning. Ushari appears and convinces her to get Rafiki to reveal if there's a way to talk to Scar.

the lion guard kion tells simba about scar

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