Volkswagen Jetta / Passat. Please feel free to suggest anyother alternatives that you could think of. Yeah maintenance is biggest factor but Find something in your price range, take it on a good test drive, then have it inspected by YOUR mechanic. If the Nissan’s have CVT’s skip them. We would suggest you look at the Chevrolet UV-A if you want a small car and the Mahindra Renault Logan if sedan is what floats your boat. Please help me out i need a car ASAP. I’m looking places as you said and dealers to find out maintained car but the point is if them maintained enough should I buy them instead Honda even they have same price (or less price then honda) but same mile, year and maintain do you think them will struggle to 200k with minor problems? Both looks awesome and fits in the same price range. Yes that’s not mean every car would be same as it but if I buy used well maintained car at least I would expect struggle to 200.000 mile and all options will be 2010 and around 100.000 - 130.000 mile. What could be happen if I I buy (Nissan, Ford, KIA or Hyundai except Honda) could it be bad (2010+ 100.000 - 130.000 miles)? Maintenance is the biggest factor when it comes to the condition of most used cars. The 2006-2009 Civic has problems with the engine blocks cracking and leaking coolant, the warranty was extended to 8 years. Submit Your Vehicle To Be Considered We’re looking for auction-ready cars—and trucks, and motorcycles too—for real-world enthusiasts and collectors who enjoy their machines out on the road. My oldest son bought a 2015 Jetta new 5 years ago and other than lube services and one set of tires that car has been perfect with not one visit for any warranty issues. In addition to cracked engine blocks, there have been a significant number of head gasket problems with certain Civics. That’s why I’m writing there…, I could find those around 5.000$ (2010+, 100.000 - 130.000miles) Yes that’s not mean every car would be same as it but if I buy used well maintained car at least I would expect struggle to 200.000 mile and all options will be 2010 and around 100.000 - 130.000 mile. (9-3/Camaro) Suggested by @of_einpercy _____ Use the link…” He would like an ionic car he could enjoy at leisure without such issues and would be pleasurable to drive. Include the Basic Information Car Ad Without Proper Title While getting several enquiries about your car is great, you would probably want to avoid people having to call you to ask whether the car is petrol or diesel. Kia Forte 2010+ What Car Is Right For Me? Given that this car will literally only be used from getting from point A to point B, is it worth describing? It is also important to note that there is a two-year limitation period to bring action (i.e. Better than 2004 either way. Better than 2004 either way. Jeff Gray Queen's Park Reporter. Other way of course used cars will be cost I know that but If everyone says that if I buy used medium maintenance 2010+ (100-130k mile) Fusion, Forte, Maxima, Accent I would have a problem with engine even I care of them but they couldn’t stand at least to 200k miles I will not choose them because the engine will cost as themselves price but you think they would struggle at least 200k with maintain problem why wouldn’t I buy them they will be cheaper then Japan. According to him that should not happen at 107k miles. Hyundai and KIA are broke down easily and they might not see 200.000mile (same as VW) "Tom suggested _____ a new car." It is not used in a sentence the same way that other verbs are. My budget is $3000 (Approx). Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Nitin. For instance, if a car is advertised at $31,000 and the salesperson offers $30,500, we wouldn’t suggest counter-offering with $30,000. Autobytel has the tool to help you find the new cars that are right for you based on your needs, wants and price ranges. but while surfing on net everyone saying: CarDekho is the best place to choose best car online according to the budget, mileage, daily commute & more. They feels more nicer but they are not Japan do you know what I mean thats make me scare. We will be happy to give you more information. I think Honda Civic really seems bad even made at same years then them. What about Maruti Swift Dzire Regal and Honda Amaze Sedan. GOOD used car Please Modify your search parameters. 2008 Model Accident Free Very Good Car And the possible answers were: a) my buying b) me to buy c) to buy d) my buying of I know that after "suggest" there should be an -ing form, but lot of people I know claim that the correct answer is B. I searched it on Google and it looks like lot of English speaking people do actually use that kind of structure! Actually I don’t care the maintain cost of course all used car would have cost (brake replace, oil change, fluid etc…) but the thing is I don’t want problem that cause replace the engine It’d be cost same price as the car. A lot of English learners struggle with the verb suggest because suggest is an unusual English verb. if you wouldn’t let me know what car would you like to buy instead those. As a former car salesperson, I have a few suggestions for things a shopper can say to make a deal easier and let the salesperson know exactly where you stand — all for your benefit.
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