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Home123 Mortgage|Bank Statements
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Flexible Mortgage Solutions​

Bank Statement Loans offered by Home123 are designed for self-employed individuals, freelancers, and small business owners who may have difficulty qualifying for traditional mortgages due to irregular income. Instead of relying on tax returns and W-2s, these loans use bank statements to verify your income, providing a more accurate representation of your financial health.

Benefits of Bank Statement Loans

Income Verification Flexibility

Bank Statement Loans at Home123 allow you to qualify based on your bank statement deposits rather than traditional income documentation. This is ideal for those whose income fluctuates month-to-month.

Tailored for Self-Employed Borrowers

Focusing on self-employed individuals, these loans are perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners who can’t provide conventional proof of income.

Competitive Interest Rates

Despite the non-traditional nature of these loans, Home123 offers competitive rates to help you secure affordable financing.

Streamlined Application Process

Our efficient application process ensures a quicker turnaround time, so you can secure your loan and move forward with your plans sooner.

Why Choose Home123 for Your Bank Statement Loan?

Expert Guidance: Our team of mortgage professionals specializes in non-QM loans and understands the unique challenges self-employed borrowers face.

Personalized Service: At Home123, we take the time to understand your financial situation and tailor loan options to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Support: From application to closing, we provide continuous support to ensure a smooth and stress-free mortgage experience.

Home123 Mortgage|Bank Statements

How Bank Statement Loans Work

Income Verification

Instead of using W-2 forms or tax returns, we review 12 to 24 months of your personal or business bank statements to determine your qualifying income.

Flexible Down Payments

Home123 offers flexible down payment options, often starting as low as 10%, depending on your financial profile and creditworthiness.

Credit Considerations

While credit scores are considered, they are not the sole determinant. We look at your overall financial picture to offer the best possible terms.

Steps to Apply for a Bank Statement Loan with Home123



Speak with one of our loan officers to discuss your financial situation and goals.



Gather 12 to 24 months of personal or business bank statements for income verification.


Application Submission

Submit your loan application along with the necessary documentation.



Our team will process your application quickly and review your financials thoroughly.


and Closing

Once approved, we will guide you through the closing process, ensuring everything is handled efficiently.

Who Can Benefit from Bank Statement Loans?

Applying for a Non-QM loan with Home123 is straightforward. Our dedicated team of mortgage professionals is here to guide you through every step of the process

Self-Employed Professionals

Ideal for those who own a business or have multiple income streams.

Freelancers and Contractors

Perfect for individuals with irregular income patterns.

Real Estate Investors

Useful for investors with significant bank deposits who may show low taxable income.

Small Business Owners

Great for those who reinvest their profits into their business.

Contact Home123 Today

Ready to explore your mortgage options with a Bank Statement Loan? Home123 is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our flexible lending solutions can help you achieve your homeownership or investment goals.